A prison break in Mexico left 22 dead, after a shootout e
A settlement for Amanda Bynes means the troubled starlet
In a scene straight out of "Point Break," a man in a Mitt
Ken couldn't hold her back!
Police have arrested two men for allegedly plotting a mur
The Shrivers triplets are all in jail, and could soon fin
Marijuana became officially legal in Washington state on
Chris Evans' bro is in hot water
Ladies, if you need a reason to stay awake on the train,
Boxer is in critical condition
Chamique Holdsclaw has been on the run from police since


The comedian/actor gets his hands on the iPhone 6 then proceeds to break it
Mike Tyson reportedly stopped traffic to rescue a man from a horrific motorcycle crash
The rise of Jessie J may, officially, be...
When you're a Migos member trying to avo...
In today's movie and tv roundup, Jada Pinkett Smith lands a role in Magic Mike XXL and Kim Kardashian stars as an alien.