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Digital Feature: YG ‘How The West Was Won’

There’s levels to being a West Coast OG. On one hand, Cali legends like world renowned tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon, are definitely classified as Original…


REVIEW: Samsung S5 And Gear Fit Mark A Solid Improvement, But Only Slightly

Korean electronics giant, Samsung, is attempting to bully their way into the top of the smartphone/smartwear charts. Their latest is a less extravagant showing, but…


Twitch Goes Mobile With Gameloft’s Asphalt 8

The first day of the Game Developers Conference 2014 finds Twitch Interactive making a huge jump into the mobile marketplace.


Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 And Gear Bundle Is Competent, But Imperfect

In the uber-competitive world of smartphones and watches, the usage of a stylus wasn't supposed to be "cool," but thanks to Samsung it is worth…


Inteview: Dr. Ayanna Howard Talks ‘RoboCop,’ Coding And The Future Of Technology

Dr. Ayanna Howard's history with science is well documented and critically acclaimed. VIBE was lucky enough to sit down with her as she talked about…


Review: The PlayStation 4 Is Fast And Fun, But Needs Time To Grow

We live in a world where every other day there's a new iWhatever, a new tablet, just something. In video game culture, though, those moment…


Twitter Sets I.P.O. Prices At $17 to $20 a Share

The social media wunderkind has disclosed its intentions to the much anticipated initial public offering. Do you have enough to dough to play ball with…


Twitter To Sell Movie Tickets Through Fandango

An intriguing new deal was just inked by the good folks at Twitter, Comcast and NBC Universal. Starting next month in November, movie fans will…


Review: The ‘OUYA’ Supports Indies, Doesn’t Offer True Digital Highlights

For video game fans looking for an alternate fix from the HD-glorified consoles of the PlayStation, Wii-U and Xbox, the Ouya (pronounced oo-yah) is a…

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VIBE Digital Cover: Pusha T And No Malice ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

After weeks of planning, schedule shuffling and location scouting, VIBE has arrived in Norfolk, Virginia. The sleepy town isn’t quite Virginia Beach, but 25 minute…


VIBE Interview: No Malice Digital Cover Story ‘Hear Ye Him’

No Malice knows the easy route. He lived it for most of his life. Following the flock, keeping on his cool, while setting out o…


A Chat With The Founders Of Blerdology On ‘The Science Of Black Nerds’

Kat Calvin and Amanda Spann wear their nerd badge on their sleeves. Determined to change the demographics of tech, the dynamic digital duo behind the…


Pheed Executive Breaks Down Why You Should Join Pheed

Don't say we didn't warn you. With Forbes officially crowning Pheed--the latest social media platform--"the new Twitter," it's clear that it's here to stay. Released…


Can You Gig It? New Facebook Game Turns You Into A Star

"This ain't no farm" was the overall theme during last night's GIG-IT event at New York City's Capitale. The new social game is making it…


Google Glass Devs To Ban Ads & Charging For Apps

The spec are finally released for the Mirror API, which is the interface that programmers will use to write services for Glass. Check out the…


West Virginia Lawmakers Seek To Ban Google Glass Usage When Driving

While it should be quite some time before humanity goes all Jetson and begin wearing Google Glass, a lawmaker from West Virginia is already proposing…


White House Approves Unlocking Of Cell Phones

The government's response to netizens petition didn't sit well with AT&T, but how will you react?!


‘Marvel Unlimited’ App Appears For iOS; Read 13,000 Comics Online

If you're a subscriber to Comixology, it seems as if Marvel has stepped up to be competition to comic book fans worldwide.


Rumor: Will Apple’s iWatch Arrive By The End Of 2013?

Tech-lovers are going to geek out about this latest iRumor...


Burger King Twitter Account Attacked By Hackers

Hackers wanted it their way as they took over Burger King's Twitter account on Monday. Full details after the break.
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