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Vixen Chat: Actress Lindsey Morgan Talks Following Her Dreams and ‘The 100′

Climbing the success ladder is tough—especially in the entertainment…


Songs That Will Make You a J. Cole Fan [Video]

Many people are still sleeping on Jermaine Cole. The Fayetteville rapper is one of the today's best,…


Vixen Verified: Best Football Movies for Superbowl Weekend

It's the week of the Super Bowl and we have to admit,  it's not as exciting a…


Producers L&X Music Break Down J. Cole and Drake’s ‘In The Morning’

When "In The Morning"—the long-awaited, much-anticipated collaboration between J. Cole and Drake—leaked last week, a number of hip-hop fans were confused.

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Jay Hernandez On ‘Takers’ v. ‘Ocean’s Eleven:’ Those Old Guys Can’t Keep Up’

The film comparisons are unavoidable. Some people are calling Takers a multiculti Ocean’s Eleven for the 21st century. And because both films are sleek and smart…