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8 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others

  By rethinking your attitude and expectations towards others, you can start living a …


The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Happier You!

Do you aim to live a happier life? With the day to day stresses of careers, relationships and the weight of…


Do You Have Healthy Friendships? 8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Who do we cherish more than our girlfriends? When times get hard and breakup wounds are fresh, there’s nothing like having your support team of…


5 Reasons Why You’ll Always Need Your Girlfriends

The friendships we go through in life shape us into the people we will ultimately become as adults. From daycare to the work force, there…


You Ain’t Nothing But a Vulture

Every year millions of people scribe their resolutions on mental wax and profess to make lifelong changes, with the hope of spearheading this turn of…


Beyonce & Kim: The Kind of Girls You Marry

"You worry about the wrong things, the wrong things." – K. West (Paranoid)   Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have a lot in common. I know…


Honor The Code: Ways Women Can Practice Sisterhood

As we all know, Black women can be catty, über defensive and petty when it comes to dealing with other women. In a world filled…


Skills You Need To Be A Better Friend

It’s true. People do come in and out of your life for a specific purpose during specific stages of your life. However, friendship should be…


Fashion and Friendship: When Dressing Becomes a Competitive Sport

We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives: girlfriends who make a competition out of every situation. If you’re happy about a glowing…


The 10 Best Things About Having Girlfriends

The term "frenemy" is an official word in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which raises the question: Why do women insist on having fake friends?