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Man Shot To Death During Rich Homie Quan Concert

Saturday night saw Rich Homie Quan perform in Columbus, Ohio, but the show turned sour when gunshots rang off during the concert. Rich Homie wasn't…


7-Year-Old Suspended from School for Shaping Pastry Into Gun

Seven-year-old Josh Welch was eating his toaster pastry at Park Elementary School in Baltimore, Md.


Hip-Hop Mogul Wants Beyonce and Jay-Z to Support ‘Guns for Greatness’

A millionaire hip-hop mogul has put in a bid to help get guns off of New York City's streets.


College Prof: ‘Newtown Shooting Didn’t Happen, Media Hoax’

One Florida Atlantic University communications professor has stepped forward with an outrageous claim around the Sandy Hook school shooting being a hoax by the Obama…


Boys, 7 and 11, Attempt Carjack Robbery With Gun

Some shocking news has been reported from Portland, Oregon.


Gun Found Inside Frozen Meat Section By Supermarket Employee

Clean-up in the frozen meat section!

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No Cutting Allowed! Man Pulls Gun on Rowdy Black Friday Shopper

Hope you brought your own protection! This year's Black Friday looks to be pretty vicious! Details after the break.


Faizon Love Says Katt Williams Pulled A Gun on Him

Things got heated between comics Faizon Love and Katt Williams out a Hollywood nightclub. What started as a friendly chat between "friends," turned ugly i…


Iowa Store Offers ‘Buy A Ring, Get A Gun’ Deal

A diamond might be a girl's best friend but what about... a hunting rifle?


Nelly Says He Didn’t Know Drugs And Gun Were On Bus

After a passenger on Nelly's tourbus was arrested for drug and gun possession at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca Thursday (Oct. 11), the rapper say…


Florida Man Sells Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets

In the latest wave of news concerning the Trayvon Martin case, an entrepreneur in Orlando has sold gun range targets in the likeness of the…


Derek J Involved in Hairstyle Debacle, Gunshots Fired

star Derek J was involved in a hair-raising argument this past Wednesday (March 14). According to police officials, Neffe (Keyshia Cole's sister) sought…


V Exclusive! Travis Porter Talks About Strap’s Arrest: ‘Guns Are Not The Answer’

Twenty-four hours after Travis Porter member Strap was arrested for carrying a gun at the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, the rest of the group stopped…

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Candid Camera: Who Was Jay-Z Holding Guns With?

The NYPost got their hands on a candid photo of Jay-Z posing with a group of military guards before the New York Jets vs. Dalla…


Flying Dirty: Toya Carter’s Hubby Memphitz Gets Popped For Having A Gun In His Suitcase

From VIBE--It looks like Toya's ex-man and next-man have actually have something in common. According to Bossip, Toya's new husband record executive Mickey “Memphitz”…


They Wanna Kill Me: 9 Other Rappers Who’ve Survived Shootouts

The world lost one of the best rappers of all-time when 'Pac died in September 1996 after getting shot on the Las Vegas Strip by…


7 Things Lil Wayne Will Miss While He’s In Prison (pg. 8)

7. His 28th birthday present from Baby... September 27, 2010. Talk about a bad day for Lil Wayne. Outside of spending his birthday behind bars,…


7 Things Lil Wayne Will Miss While He’s In Prison (pg. 7)

6. His inevitable trip to the White House... Think about it: Jay-Z has officially opened up the possibility of rappers visiting the White House. And considering…
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