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President Obama Rants About Senseless Mass Shootings

President Obama has had enough of Congress and their failure to pass gun laws. Business Insider reports that POTUS went on a rant…


14-Year-Old Queens Girl Killed By Stray Bullet

A 14-year-old girl was tragically shot and killed in Queens on Saturday night (May 20). At around 9 p.m., the victim, Daja Robinson, was shot…


Snoop Lion Speaks On Gun Control, Tells Congress To ‘Get Off Your A**’

Never one to hold back, Snoop Lion has a message for the members of Congress: get off your asses. In an interview with Huffpost…


Israeli Sniper Posts Picture Of Child In Crosshairs Online

A photo posted online by an Israeli soldier is sure to stir up a hornet's nest after you read all the details. More after the…


Christopher Dorner’s Body Not Yet Identified

After a wild shootout that left one officer dead and two others injured, it seems the tale of Christopher Dorner has come to a fiery…


Young Voters To Host #BarackTalk State of the Union Discussion

With President Barack Obama's second term already underway, young voters are ensuring their voices are heard through a medium they know best: social media.


University of Maryland Students Die in Murder-Suicide, Police Say

Another school shooting occurred, this time at the University of Maryland. We have the details for you after the break.


Kim Kardashian Posts Diamond Gun Pic

Kanye West's baby momma is known to make a big bang on the Internets, whether it's posting bikini Instagram flicks or the tape-that-shall-not-be-named.

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Jim Carrey’s Assault Rifle Tweet Angers Right

It seems as if comedian/ actor Jim Carrey is letting the Internets know his thoughts about gun control in America. We have his tweet for…


Obama Firing a Gun Photo Released by White House

As the gun control debate heats up in America, the White House has released an image of the president firing a shotgun.


Obama Admits He’s Fired a Gun, But Not Sure If He’d Let Son Play Football

President Obama shared his opinions on violence in a recent interview with New Republic magazine. More specifically, he shared his very private perspective…


Guns Being Marketed to a New Generation, The New York Times Investigates

Following the tragic mass shooting of grade schoolers in Newtown, Conn., the New York Times delves into the world of shopping guns to younger…


T.I. Speaks About Gun Control With Larry King

T.I. sits down with Larry King to discuss the recent updates and proposed gun control laws. The proclaimed "King of the South" himself, who…


M-1 Talks New Dead Prez Album and Gun Control: ‘We Do Have A Right to Protect Ourselves’

Dead Prez is kicking up the proverbial dust once again. Last October, the veteran, rebellious hip-hop duo of and M-1 released their third album…


John Stewart’s Plastic Gun Causes Media Frenzy

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart came under fire recently after an on-air prank caused some Internet frenzy. During Tuesday's boradcast, Stewart pulled out a gu…


Beyonce, Jamie Foxx Demand an End to Gun Violence in Wake of Sandy Hook Shooting

Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and several other A-list names lend their mug and voice in a call to action against gun violence. The "Run the World…


Ice-T Speaks Out on Gun Control in America

One of the originators of West Coast Gangsta Rap has spoken out publicly about America's issues with gun control. In wake of the terrible Dark…