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Vice President Joe Biden’s Son Discharged From Navy For Alleged Cocaine Use

Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was recently discharged from the Navy after allegedly testing positive for cocaine, the Wall Street Journal reports.


Michelle Obama Hacked, Financial Information Exposed

Michelle Obama just joined a long list of hacked celebrities. Unidentified hackers recently posted detailed personal and financial information of Beyonce, Jay-Z, Britney Spears,…


Hackers Release Financial Records For Jay-Z, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton

According to the documents hosted on, America's finest had their financial records, social security and property exposed on the World Wide Web.


Alicia Keys, Usher, Fun. and More Added to Inaugural Ball Lineup

Although President Obama's second inauguration has been slimmed down from the over-the-top celebration of 2008, some of music's brightest stars will still be in attendance.

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Vice President Joe Biden to Appear On Parks And Recreation

Vice President Joe Biden is a common topic on NBC's awesome show "Parks and Recreation." The main character Leslie Knope, played by the hilarious Amy…


Joe Biden Flubs Senate Candidate’s Name

There's an insane amount of pressure for politicians to get their message out there but one slip-up can end up on headlines, more-so than their…


The Week’s Best (And Worst) Celebrity Photos: Jay-Z, Rihanna and Joe Biden

What do you get when a Roc star gets naked and a mega producer meets one of the earth's most peaceful figures? VIBE's round-up of…