Justin Bieber

He's gearing up for another new release
Another photog is coming for the Biebs' bread.
Justin Bieber loses his cool (again) at a horse ranch...
The Biebs' reported altercation with a young woman...
Justin Bieber takes it back to church
Another entrance (and win) in the books for Mayweather.
this might be another hit for the young pop stars
Sir Bizzle (?) drops a new track, 'Hard 2 Face Reality...
The singer was reportedly held for four hours for...
After falling ill, Chance The Rapper won't be making...


15 eyebrow-raising quotes from Darren Wilson's account of the day he killed Mike Brown.
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Prince has cleared his existence on social media and youtube.
Slim Shady And His Detroit Brethren Get Busy On Compilation Album
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New movie, new adventure. Still scared of raptors.