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Lady Gaga Pays Tribute To Julie Andrews & The Sound Of Music At 2015 Oscars

John Legend and Common weren’t the only ones to bring musical excellence to the 2015 Oscar Awards. During the show, Lady Gaga put on a…


We’re Going Gaga Over Lady Gaga’s Engagement Ring

Someone has a soft spot for Lady Gaga and put a blinged out heart on her finger this past weekend to prove it.


Lady Gaga Inks Deal as the New Face of Shiseido

We've got two words for Miss Lady Gaga and it's werk,…


Lady Gaga Has An Opinion On Singers Who Don’t Write Their Own Music

How could you not love the effortlessly talented popstar, Lady Gaga. The singer does and says whatever she wants and is highly respected for it.


Lady Gaga Has An Opinion On Singers Who Don’t Write Their Own Music

How could you not love the effortlessly talented popstar, Lady Gaga.


Jimmy Iovine Named GQ Man Of The Year

Every year GQ complies a list of notable names. A list of men and women who have stood out among the rest in their respective…

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Sam Smith: How A Brit Ruled Soul Music (Again)

Sam Smith will own the Grammys. Quote us. The blue-eyed singer is 2014’s soul controller. Deal with it. While resting in his Cambridge hometown, UK’…


Sam Smith: How A Brit Ruled Soul Music (Again) (Pg. 2)

VIBE: You pursued your career when everyone else was just going through puberty. What was that like?


Lady Gaga Is A San Antonio Spurs Fan?

Singer, songwriter, NBA fan? Turns out you can attribute all of those descriptions to the list when it comes to Lady Gaga. The San Antonio…


Oops! 9 Celebrities Who’ve Accidentally Posted Nip Slips On Social Media

Nicki Minaj has posted a lot of risqué photos on social media in the past. So it's hard for her to shock us. But earlier…


Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are The Same Age

We've already discovered the celebrity dobblegangers, but you'd be surprised to know how many are also the same age. While some celebrities have…


New Video: Lady Gaga ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’

Lady Gaga is gearing up for the television premiere of her duet special with the legendary Tony Bennett and released the video to accompany her…


National Left Handers Day: 17 Vixens That Are Left-Handed

Today another interesting holiday is celebrated, National Left Handers Day. Growing up left-handed in school was a major…


Harper’s Bazaar Recruits 19 Fashion Icons For September Issue [Photos]

With fall just around the corner, fashion magazines are gearing u…


Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett Announce New Album

The Mother Monster is back with a new album—and this time she’s not alone. Tuesday morning (July 29), Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett announced their…


Lady Gaga & R. Kelly Duet Video Scrapped Over Controversy

Everyone remembers how awkward they felt seeing R. Kelly bumpin' and grindin' all over Lady Gaga during a raunchy performance of their steamy duet "Do…


Lady Gaga To Be Featured On T.I.’s ‘New National Anthem’?

When not fending off his wife's critics on the Internets, T.I. is keeping his hustle in check. As he preps his forthcoming theatrical album…


In These Streets: Celebs Who Could Get Their Own New York Street Names

With trailblazers like Spike Lee and Miles Davis being honored with their own streets in New York, VIBE constructed a fake blueprint with…


5 Celebrities Grace Jones Influenced

Before celebs like Rihanna,…


Watch: T.I. Joins Lady Gaga To Perform ‘Jewels And Drugs’ For The First Time

When Lady Gaga debuted “Jewels & Drugs,” featured rapper T.I. couldn’t join her. “They wouldn’t let him into the country for me,” she wailed at…
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