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2K Sports Wins Again; “NBA Live ’13” Cancelled

EA Sports' NBA Live '13 was set to give 2K Sports' NBA 2K13 series a run for its money, yet now that battle will not…


V! Recap: Jay-Z & Meek Mill “Flex” At 2K Sports’ NBA 2K13 Launch Party

Question: How do you make one of 2012's best-selling video games even better for next year? Answer: Get Jay-Z to executive produce the project. NBA2K13,…

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TRAILER: NBA 2K13 Allows For Vocal Playcalling Using The Kinect

If you're a true gamer, then you've already heard all this before: Everything is better with Kinect. And you know what? It's true!

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TRAILER: NBA 2K13 Promises “Victory” Over All Competition

This trailer could mean game, set and match if EA doesn't show something soon!

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5 NBA 2K13 Changes You Can Thank Jay-Z For!

It's been arguably the biggest sports-debate question of the past 10 years: Who is the best basketball game—NBA Live or NBA 2K? Many would say…


Baller Beats: 10 Songs Jay-Z Should Use For NBA 2K13

It's no secret that with Electronic Arts taking its dormant hoop franchise NBA Live off the bench, it's now a two-game race once again for…

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NBA 2K13 To Support Kinect; Not PS Move

A few days ago, the best basketball video game in the world had its box art leak onto the Internet, and the cover featured…

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2K Sports Details “NBA 2K13″ Improvements

With the NBA season soon approaching and many hoop fans not completely satisfied by the Olympic "Dream Team," 2K Sports has come to the…


Jay-Z’s Partnership With NBA 2K13 Is Officially Announced

As expected, more details surrounding Jay-Z's newest partnership as executive producer of NBA 2K13 have been officially released.


Jay-Z Named Executive Producer Of ‘NBA 2K13′

Jay-Z doesn't take the term "mogul" lightly. Peep his latest venture into the world of video gaming.


You’re Invited To Participate in A Live Interview With Kevin Durant & Blake Griffin

Tonight, 2K Sports and NBA 2K13 will be streaming a live interview with Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin from…