After dropping just one album with Columbia Records--2009
Usher has flown back to his home state o
Tiger Woods has stepped forward with ano
Tiger Woods' worst week ever continues a
The ink is dry on Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter K
With 2009 rolling to its end and the recession hopefully
Michael Jackson hasn't even stopped winn
In the tale of Jennifer Lopez's intimate
Combat boots are having a moment right now.
According to ABC, soon-to-be-retired talk show queen,


Nas recently compared America's racial divide to that of South Africa's apartheid
In Touch Weekly felt comfortable printing a side by side image of Solange and someone's house pet with the label, "twinsies"
Stevie Wonder just welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world.
Queen Bee's tab keeps on getting longer
The U.S. plans to take the state of New York to court over stunning allegations of harsh treatment of young inmates.
In today's movie and TV roundup, Sony pulls 'The Interview' and