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Celebrity Biopics We Actually Want to See

Celebrity biopics have become a party of the norm in the film industry. It's enticing…


Watch: Chicago Voter Tells President Obama ‘Don’t Touch My Girlfriend’

President Barack Obama was blown away by a Windy City resident’s comment. During his appearance at a Chicago voting center on Monday (Oct. 20), the…


5 Things You Need To Know About The Olympic Games In Sochi

The Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia have gotten off to an incredibly terrible start. Or hilarious start, depending on who you ask. Either way,…


President Obama Says He Keeps Kanye West On His iPad

Kanye West and President Obama haven't had the best public relationship over the years, but according to The Guardian, the Prez still keeps some Yeezy…


Obama Admits His Biggest 2013 Mistake

Obama took to the podium for his end-of-the-year news conference on Friday (Dec. 20). During his speech, the 44th president fielded questions from reporter…


Exclusive: Andre Cymone’s New LP Raises Obama And Trayvon Martin Awareness

It's impossible to discuss Andre Cymone without discussing family - both the kind you are born into, and the kind you forge through chance and…


President Obama “Would Think About Changing” Washington Redskins Name

Obama might not be negotiating with Republicans over the debt ceiling, but he'd "think about changing" the Washington Redskins team name. The 44th President of…


Obama Seeking Congressional Approval for Strike on Syria

Following his televised address from the White House Rose Garden Saturday afternoon where he announced he would seek congressional authorization to strike Syria, U.S. President…


Obama Hits the Green With Larry David

President Obama spent the last day of his weeklong Martha's Vineyard vacation hitting golf balls with funnyman Larry David. The two hit the green at…


President Obama Issues Statement on Trayvon Martin Verdict

As people continue to galvanize on social media and hold peaceful rallies in the aftermath of George Zimmerman's acquittal in the death of 17-year-old Trayvo…


Chicago Gun Violence Peaks Over Father’s Day Weekend

Heavy gun violence continues to plague Chicago as the city has recorded this past Father’s Day weekend as its most deadly of the year. Betwee…


Barack Obama And 10 Other Awesome (And Hilarious) Commencement Speeches

President Obama delivered a powerful commencement address at Morehouse this weekend urging students to "be sensitive to the wrongs, the sufferings, and the injustice…

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Rock the Globe: ‘Iron Man 3′ Blasts Into International Theaters

In the latest edition of Rock the Globe, we travel from the White House where President Obama delivered a hilarious speech that shout-out Jay-Z at…


WATCH: President Obama Sticks Up For Jay-Z at 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner

Obama walked out to DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win" at the the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night in Washington D.C.


Obama’s Tattoo Plan: Will Obama’s Tattoo Plan Backfire?

Apparently, there's an Obama tattoo plan in place in case Sasha and Malia get rebellious. The president revealed the Obama tattoo plan on The Today…


30 Mixed Twitter Reactions To Jay-Z’s ‘Open Letter’

Have you "learned today" yet? Because Jay-Z has spoken... or well, written... with his latest song, “Open Letter,” produced by Swizz Beatz and…

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Watch: “Finding My Obama” Episode 7

In the final installment of “Finding My Obama,” Nefetari Spencer embarks on an eye-opening blind date orchestrated by bestie. What does Nef think of her…


Obama Firing a Gun Photo Released by White House

As the gun control debate heats up in America, the White House has released an image of the president firing a shotgun.


Obama Admits He’s Fired a Gun, But Not Sure If He’d Let Son Play Football

President Obama shared his opinions on violence in a recent interview with New Republic magazine. More specifically, he shared his very private perspective…


Alicia Keys Performs “Girl On Fire” at 2013 Inauguration Ball

Watch Alicia Keys perform a stunning rendition of "Girl On Fire" at the 2013 Inauguration ball.
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