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Ex-Officer Indicted On Murder Charges In Death Of Walter Scott

Michael Slager faces 30 years to life in prison.


Dear Young, Black Females In America, It’s Not Safe For Us Either

One VIBE writer shares her "WTF" moment while watching the video of a Texas police officer attacking an unarmed teen girl in McKinney, Texas.


Everything You Should Know About The McKinney Pool Party Incident

Here are a few facts you should know regarding the now-viral McKinney pool party incident.


Officer Will Not Be Charged For Killing Of Unarmed Teen Tony Robinson

Madison police officer Matt Kenny will not be charged for the killing of unarmed biracial teen Tony Robinson. …


Nine Georgia Deputies Fired After Death Of Mentally Ill Suspect

Nine Georgia deputies were fired after the death of 22-year-old Matthew Ajibade.


In The Wake Of Freddie Gray’s Death, Meek Mill Shares His Own Police Brutality Story

Meek Mill chronicles being punched, stomped and having his hair ripped out by police.


Supporters Turn Out In Waves Of Solidarity For Freddie Gray In Baltimore

A countless number of people from various states on the East Coast turned out in a wave of support in Baltimore, Md. for Freddie Gray,…


T.I. And Kap G On CNN: ‘We Are Calling For The Death Of Our People To End’

Kap G and T.I. discuss the 'La Policia' lyrics heard 'round the country on CNN.


Graphic Video Footage Captures Eric Harris’ Final Moments After Tulsa Police Shooting

Tulsa man, Eric Harris, is shot by police and subsequently refused medical help in disturbing new footage.


Wisconsin Police Kill 19-Year-Old Black Man

Wisconsin police fatally shoot 19-year-old Tony Robinson.


VIBE Race Project: The Unsung Black Women Of Police Brutality

Zora Neale Hurston said black women are the mules of the world and some eighty years later, her words unfortunately still ring true.


Jay Z Is Here For Gov. Cuomo’s Anti-Police Brutality Plan

Jay Z is speaking up where it matters these days. We already know that last month (Dec. 10), Hov privately met with New York Governor…


For Some Officers, Black Faces Are Just Target Practice. Literally.

Officers at Florida's North Miami Beach Police station have an interesting way of practicing their shooting: they use mug shots as targets. According to the…


Jury Awards $8 Million to the Family of Black Man Killed By Police Chokehold

There was another Black man killed by police chokehold somewhere in America. Darren Burley was just 29-years old when he died in 2012 i…


Pittsburgh Police Chief Responds To Criticism After Posing With An ‘#EndWhiteSilence’ Sign

Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay posed for a photo holding a sign that reads “I resolve to challenge racism @ work #EndWhiteSilence,” and ruffled the…


California Jury Awards $8 Million To Family Of Black Man Killed By Deputy Choking

A civil jury in Long Beach, CA awarded the victim of a choking by Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies $8 million this week (Dec. 31).
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