Soldier of Love

It's been nine years, 12 weeks and three days since a new
Another smooth sample from Soldier of Love.
While we wait like a fat kid who loves cake for the Feb.
Few recording artists in the time of continuing shrinking
Behold, Halley's comet of soul!
Sade will debut a brand new single onlin
Check out this scenic album artwork from Sade, making a c


The NFL Players' Union has just announce...
French Montana's Mac & Cheese 4 soph...
P.Diddy just dropped a smooth $40 millio...
Kanye West is over the media spinning things out of proportion
Usher tackles an insane obstacle course in a parking lot on 'Ellen'
Common's 1994 love letter to hip-hop, "I Used To Love H.E.R.' has become one of rap music's most timeless gems. 20 years later, VIBE dreams up an updated verse.