Soldier of Love

It's been nine years, 12 weeks and three days since a new
Another smooth sample from Soldier of Love.
While we wait like a fat kid who loves cake for the Feb.
Few recording artists in the time of continuing shrinking
Behold, Halley's comet of soul!
Sade will debut a brand new single onlin
Check out this scenic album artwork from Sade, making a c


After seven years of marriage, French Mo...
Did Big Sean confirm his relationship wi...
In today's edition of "we're here for it...
According to reports, the patient is located in Dallas, TX and showed signs of the disease after traveling to West Africa
The UK songbird strips the song down without Ariana Grande and Nicki M to offer fans and even better version of the song!
Take a first listen at a soulful, standout track from singer Calvin Richardson's new album, 'I Am Calvin'.
In today's movie and tv roundup, Rihanna might play a Bond girl and Kelly Rowland wants to play Donna Summer.