twitter beef

Perez Hilton decided to throw his cape on for Ms. Azalea...
It ain't all fun and games in this comedy world, huh?
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Uh-oh. Whatchu gonna do when Q comes for you, Jem Cretes? Q...
The Brick Squad beef continues as Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka
Thumb-thuggin' shows no signs of slowing down.
Gambino to Fiasco: "Lupe fiasco a hoe ass nigga And...
Don Lemon and the "Superbad" star get into it
A$AP Rocky and SpaceGhost Purrp, the producer of A$AP's "


Kim Kardashian West shows off her amazing body in GQ spread
No word on a air date, but this should be good
The network sites poor rating among adults ages 18-49 year olds
The track is called 'Brothers Keeper' so it only makes sense his Slaughterhouse brethren are on the track
The 22-year-old doesn't want to save the world. He just wants to make great music
The singer is scheduled to appear in court September 29th