Estevan Oriol

The VIBE Photo Department loves Estevan Oriol because his work is raw but also beautiful. There’s a lot of truth and a lot of heart in each of his images. We are always blown away when Estevan turns in his film—it seems like every frame is excellent (we’ve attached a contact sheet so you can see for yourself). Along with his work, we wanted to share a bit about his life to help you appreciate his work that much more. Enjoy!

Where were you from? Where did you grow up?

Santa Monica, Calif.

When did you first become interested in photography?

In 1995, my Dad and his wife gave me a camera. I was tour managing House of Pain and Cypress Hill at that time and I was low-riding a lot. My Dad said, ”You have parts of your life that are really cool you should document them.” And I ended up doing that.

(Estevan circa 1995, below)

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