George Foreman’s Son Has A Mean Grill…In The Ring

Boxing legend George Foreman and his son, George Foreman III (Photo: Reuters)Boxing legend George Foreman and his son, George Foreman III (Photo: Reuters)

It’s been more than a decade since George Foreman entered a ring, but he’s making a return vicariously through his son.

George Foreman III is carrying the torch and has his father’s support. So far, the son of the former heavyweight champ has fought two professional fights, winning both by knockout.

“Think of it,” Foreman Sr. told the Los Angeles Times. “Maybe an American heavyweight contender. Been such a long time …”

“Boxing is such a hard sport,” he continued. “You punish yourself. You are always up at the crack of dawn, out running, working. If you had 75 friends when you started, you have seven when you are done.”

According to the L.A. Times story, Foreman required that all of his children earn a college degree before even thinking about stepping into the ring.

Foreman III, 26, isn’t the first to try boxing though. His sister, Freeda, was the first in the family to enter the ring. But, after winning her first few pro fights, her parents asked her to stop. In fact, her dad paid her to.

His son, however, is a different story. George III stands 6’5″, weighs 240 lbs and started pro without any previous amateur bouts. He skipped the amateur ranks because anytime a prospective opponent found out he was to face the son-of, they canceled.

Foreman III is scheduled to fight next at the San Manuel Casino in Highland, California, in October.

Watch his first fight below: