Jay-Z Still Hype on Hollywood

Jay-ZWhen Jay-Z first retired six years ago, he said he wanted to switch his focus on Hollywood and business. However, his music retirement was short-lived.

So, where does this leave his acting career?

Jay tells MTV it’s still in the works, he’s just taking his time.

“I do. I do,” Jay insisted about whether he still wants to make movies in the future.. “I’m taking my time. It may seem like it’s taking forever, but when I do, it’s gonna be something added to the genre. I just don’t wanna do a couple movies and be gone. I want it to be something that’s really important, so I’m taking my time with it. Hopefully when I arrive [in Hollywood], I can leave a footprint.”

Until then, the beats and rhymes go on. Blueprint 3 will be released on September 11, featuring the singles “Run This Town” and “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune).”