Q-Tip Twitter Attacks New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg

2009-08-27 - Q-Tip and BloombergIf you follow rapper Q-Tip on Twitter (@QtipTheAbstract), you may have noticed that over the past few days, he’s gone ballistic on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In a series of tweets he dubbed the “Anti-Bloomberg Operation,” the former A Tribe Called Quest frontman called out Bloomberg for his “manipulation of the law”, and lack of support for the poor and middle class.

“NYC don’t let Bloomberg turn the city into the office for rich folk and kick out the middle class/poor folks,” Tip said in one update.

“Bloomberg’s manipulation of the law to enable him to run for a 3rd term is an act of tyranny,” he wrote in another.

Q-Tip explained his attacks on the mayor to NewsDay, saying he is “way out of touch” with the average New Yorker.

“His viewpoint of New York City is from his East Side town house … his occasional jaunt to a neighborhood is when he has to go for political substance or [to] quell anger in a neighborhood,” Q-tip said.

Although Q-Tip is not a registered voter in New York, he explained that his Twitter bashing began after he began noticing Bloomberg’s poor handling of the city’s homeless and his decision to change the term-limits law to seek a third term.

According to NewsDay.com, Bloomberg signed a bill in November 2008 changing term limits, citing his fiscal experience was needed to guide the city through troubling economic times. “That’s pretty egotistic in a way,” said Q-tip of the move.

Despite the Bloomberg bashing, Tip said he doesn’t dislike the mayor. In fact, he’s happy with the way he’s cleaned up the city’s parks and subways.

“It’s not like I hate him,” he said. “I disagree with the way he is dealing with the city that I love, that millions of people love.”