50 Cent Offers Kanye A Black Eye

At this point, West-gate has taken on a life of it’s own, from Obama calling the rapper a “jackass” to Donald Trump suggesting music fans boycott West’s music. But one person who was noticeably missing from the critical attacks was 50 Cent… that is until he stopped by a television studio in Canada.

Monday, the rapper stopped by Toronto’s MuchOnDemand to talk music, and was asked the burning question of the hour: “Did you watch Kanye last night?”

In a shocking moment of diplomacy, 50–wearing a red G-Unit t-shirt and an serious expression–said, “You know, when you have an artist there for the first time, and you want to go and tell them… we know Beyonce’s great. There’s nobody that’s confused in that actual area. But Taylor Swift is great and is new! And you can’t replace it, even an apology can’t replace what it feels like for the very first time receiving that award,” he says.

“Now, in her head, ‘My first award was Kanye West.’ Y’know? It’s damaging. But I wish he would come take one of my awards so I can black his eye! In front of everybody. You pick and choose who you feel safe doing that with, though.”

West has since apologized four times for the incident, even going so far to suggest on a Leno appearance he needs to “take some time off.”

After making a Tuesday phone call to Swift, the two have made amends. -Linda Hobbs