Beyonce Reached Out To Taylor Swift Backstage At VMA’s

Following Taylor Swift’s humiliation at the hands of Kanye West at last night’s VMAs, Beyonce made it a point to reach out to Swift to prove she wasn’t down with ‘Ye’s antics.

While accepting her award for Best Female Video, Taylor Swift was bumrushed while attempting to make her victory speech. West popped up to declare that Beyonce had one of the best video of all time. His outburst booted him from the venue, caused an Internet uproar, and led to West apologizing… twice.

According to Swift’s rep, Beyonce, who looked mortified during the incident, approached Swift backstage with her father Matthew Knowles, to see if the 19-year-old singer was okay.

When Beyonce won Video of the Year for “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” Swift was invited back onstage to finish the speech she had started before her rude interruption.

“You know, they told me to be ready just in case she might want to say something,” Swift told MTV after the awards ceremony. “It was just so wonderful and so incredibly classy of her and just gracious and wonderful to let me say something. She’s just been my hero and one of my idols ever since I was little. She’s a great person.” -Linda Hobbs