Chris Brown: The Trash Pick-Up Artist

Chris Brown will begin his community service sentence soon–wearing a reflective orange vest and carrying a trash bag.

He’ll be performing garbage pick-up on the side of the freeway in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

Here’s more of what his labor will entail, according to TMZ:

Richmond City Councilman Doug Conner–who works with the city’s hard labor program–tells us Brown will begin his eight-hour workday at 8:00 AM, when a Department of Corrections bus picks him up, along with 30-40 other offenders.

Conner says Brown will have to… brush along medians, remove gang graffiti from the VCU campus, and wash the inside and outside of law enforcement vehicles.

Conner says Brown will be kept “under the watchful eye of a supervisor” to make sure he doesn’t cut any corners.

Maybe celebrities do get punished when they do something wrong.