The Dream and C Milian Jump The Broom In Vegas

In August, The-Dream and Christina appeared coupled up (and half-dressed) on the cover of VIBE’s August issue. “Is their love real?” many quietly wondered. On Tuesday all questions ceased: Apparently, the hot pair got hitched during Labor Day weekend.

According to TMZ, The-Dream and Milian exchanged vows September 4 in Vegas at the Little White Wedding Chapel, where stars like Britney Spears hopped the broom. The ceremony was performed at Midnight. The-Dream and Milian reportedly wore rented outfits, which cost less than $300.

In VIBE, both Milian and The-Dream were candid about their initial attraction to one another.

“I didn’t have an opinion on who she was,” The-Dream told writer Sean Fennessey, in regards to when he first met up with Milian to discuss her duet on the remix to “Rockin’ That Shit.” “She struck me as bright. You know, you see a lot of dumb girls.”

Milian: “I connected with his heart, especially his respect for women.”

“It went from nothing to something in a matter of 48 hours,” The-Dream confided, in regards to their bonding, after the Sundance Film Festival, in February.

The couple reportedly applied for their marriage license in August. –Linda Hobbs