Five Other Things Kanye Should Apologize For…

Another asshole spectacle, another apology. To be fair, not all of Kanye West’s public mishaps have been all-bad (we still salute his awkwardly bold “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” 2005 proclamation). Now as fallout over his controversial upstaging of teen country star Taylor Swift at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards continue to follow the outspoken rapper/producer, VIBE thought of a few other violations that deserve a “my bad.” –Keith Murphy

808 & Heartbreaks’ Shag
Somewhere, the searing image of Mr. Tickle-Me-Emo’s new-age mullet is still haunting the souls of barbers, hairstylists, Dr. Cornel West, small third-world children, and raccoons across the globe.

Producing And Rapping On Arguably Blueprint 3’s Worst Song
While it’s true that Kanye has some stellar moments on Jay-Z’s debate-igniting release, it’s hard to forgive the man for A) making a beat that sounds like the theme for an early ’80s Atari video game and B) rhyming “very” with “Katy Perry.” Yikes.

Charging Too Damn Much For Some Louis Vuitton Sneakers
$1,140 bucks…really ‘Ye??!!!?

Writing His Blog In Caps

Getting Kicked Out Of The MTV Video Awards Way Too Early
Instead of storming the stage during Swift’s acceptance speech, Kanye’s Hennessy-induced ranting would have been better served during Eminem’s predictable win for Best Hip-Hop Video. Em is cool and all, but ‘Ye was getting his Auto-tune on in a white suit, while sitting on a white sofa on a white floor, singing next to white window blinds as a choreographed avant-garde inspired African warrior tribe work it out. Beat that Shady.