Game Recognizes Game: Plaxico Burress Dropped the Ball

Be careful what you wish for. And even more to the point, be ever prudent about what you do and how you do it once you get what you’ve got.

That’s the harder lesson to be learned from the Plaxico Burress debacle: The clearly undeniable reality that fame, fortune and notoriety alone are not enough to absolve you of all life’s trials and tribulations.

Plax had all those things and more–a man considered to be among the wealthiest of the wealthy, one who just relocated to one of the biggest cribs near all of NYC. Now ask yourself if there’s anyone that would change places with him right now?

For all those with stars yet in their eyes, you need to know the score. Understand that no one can reach the aforementioned needed moment of reckoning in your stead. Yes, I may indeed be my brother’s keeper, but that doesn’t make me his conscious. And certainly not his salvation.

In the end, fame can and often times is quite fleeting. Plaxico Burress learned that the hard way. And while there is certainly no exact science on how one should best handle all the drama it can entail, what Plax left us with is a blueprint of how not to do so. –Glenn Minnis