Killer Mike Kills Alias; Meet ‘Mike Bigga’

Rap star Killer Mike is going the well-trodden path of artists like Diddy and has decided to change his name.

The Atlanta emcee announced this week that his new rap name will be Mike Bigga. He says his motivation had something to do with his lack of commercial exposure.

“I love how smart the hip-hop fans are and they say ‘Man, this guy is dope. Why he so slept on?’,” Mike said. “Then, it always be a comment under there that be like ‘I don’t suppose the name Killer Mike be holding him back? You can’t get corporate sponsorship with that.'”

Apparently, not. After scoring big hits with groups like Outkast, Mike, who’s kept a cult following, feels confident in the title move.

“I’m going with the name Mike Bigga because I really feel like I’m bigger than what I have been in the past and I’ve managed to get legendary status from being a raw rap guy in terms of being able to come out of the shadows of the hardships I’ve had.” Linda Hobbs