KRS-One Thinks President Obama is a Pawn

KRS-One has recently spoken out about his distrust for President Barack Obama in the documentary, The Obama Deception.

The rap legend has called President Obama a part of the New World Order, the subject of a conspiracy theory with a cult following.

“If [the New World Order] controlled it before, what makes you think they’re not controlling it now?” he asked. “The country was on the verge of revolution. They threw a black man up, now we like this (complacent). They put a black face on the New World Order and now we all happy. KRS ain’t buying it.”

Responding to the flack he’s received for his lack of support of the first Black president, KRS says he’s unmoved, as long as his comments reach earlobes.

“Fuck all the dumb shit, he is the President and he has people that he must answer to that are not me and are not you and they don’t have our interest in mind,” KRS told “No government does in that sense. It’s about people power, so in that instance I’m not ashamed of the message. I don’t disagree with the message of [The Obama Deception], but KRS is a little deeper than the movie projects.”

You can watch The Obama Deception in full below: