Max B’s Girlfriend Gets 15 Years In Jail

Gina Conway, the girlfriend of Max B, was sentenced to 15 years in jail on Friday for her role in a botched burglary that left a man dead.

Conway testified against Max B (born Charly Wingate) and his stepbrother Kelvin Leerdam in a plea deal to avoid a potential life sentence in jail.

The case was centered around a September 2006 robbery at a Holiday Inn in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Two Florida men, Allan Plowden and David Taylor, were ambushed and asked for money before Taylor was fatally shot in the head.

Conway, who met Plowden and Taylor less than 48 hours before the crime, testified that she told Max about the men, who were flaunting cash. Max then sent her and Leerdam to the men’s hotel room to retrieve a bag she claimed contained $30,000, she said.

The sentencing came just one day after Max was dealt a 75-year term in prison. Leerdam, who was identified as the shooter, received an equal punishment, plus 35 years.

Max plans to appeal the verdict.