Michael Jackson to be Coined

The late Michael Jackson might be coming to a coin near you.

Michael Jackson’s estate has signed up to start producing collective coins with the image of Jackson engraved.

The Michael Jackson Commemorative Coin Collection–the brainchild of the global music merchandising company, Bravado, and The First Commemorative Mint, Inc.– is currently being sold through the Home Shopping Network.

Though the coins are state coins, they’re also being offered on the Silver Eagle Dollar coin.

“The value of the Michael Jackson coins lie in their unique status as both official collectibles and legal tender issues,” Bernie Neumark, President and CEO of the First Commemorative Mint, says. “This has never been possible before so we are excited about the opportunity. Each new coin will be a coveted first edition, so there will be tremendous demand from both coin collectors as well as Michael Jackson fans. Most coins will be produced in limited editions which will add to their scarcity and historic importance.”

Michael Jackson’s estate is currently worth $500 million. Jackson’s longtime friends, attorney John Branca and music executive John McClain administer the estate. On Friday, a Los Angeles judge ruled that Jackson’s mother and guardian of his children, Katherine Jackson, has a legal right to have her say in the way the estate is ran. –Linda Hobbs