Mos Def Crowned With New Undrcrwn Collaboration

Undrcrwn released the second installment of its “Cut and Dry” collection with rapper/actor Mos Def yesterday (September 29).

The line features street-inspired outerwear and hats that hark back to the ’90s, with mismatched prints in Black nationalism colors strewn on a nylon windbreaker and a color block “Brooklyn” hat that could’ve been snatched straight off Flavor Flav’s dome in the early ’90.


On the collaborative process with Undrcrwn, Mos Def said, ” I’m loving what [Undrcrwn] is doing. Loving how they show creativity, wit and style with their line and I’m really inspired by how they put their garments together.”  The rapper, who released his fourth solo album, The Ecstatic, in June, went on to explain “[I’m] loving how they got a very unique perspective on athletic style.  They make some very strong overtures to Brooklyn and Bed-Stuy and that’s me, so I responded to that almost immediately!  What they’re doing is very distinct.”


The full collection is available at -Adrien Field