Most Def: Rappers Speak on Fave Def Jam Albums

Celebrating 25 years of def jams, Hip-Hop Honors attendees tell VIBE their favorite albums from the illest label to do it.

Public Enemy’s Chuck D: LL Cool J’s Radio (1985).
“There’s nothing ever like “Rock the Bells.” There’s no record that can tear the house down like “Rock the Bells” did. That’s why I’m mad that LL ain’t here.”

DMX: Scarface’s The Fix (2002).
“It was what I needed to hear. He came with the realness.”

Trey Songz: LL Cool J’s Bigger And Deffer (1987).
“He set the tone on how to be a lady’s man. I definitely pay homage to him. He showed that it was cool to be sensitive. He laid his coat down for ladies. He was bad and sensitive all at the same time.”

Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav: Public Enemy’s Yo! Bum Rush the Show (1987).
“That’s the first album we ever put out. And we had a lot of fun doing it. When we were on tour with the Beastie Boys, that’s what we were performing.”

Wale: Young Jeezy’s The Recession (2008).
“At the time, it needed to be heard.”

Warren G: LL Cool J’s Radio.
“He was bustin’. He was off the chain. He was a shark out there going after it, trying to take over the game. And he did. That was one of the records that I was raised on that inspired me.” –Brad Wete

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