Murs Gets Impeached, Leaves Warner Bros.

Los Angeles rapper Murs has reportedly been released from Warner Bros. Records.

Despite speculation that he was dropped from the label, Murs recently confirmed that he and his label had a “difference in opinion,” resulting in a mutual split.

According to, the indie lyricist plans to release several new albums in 2010, including followups to collaborative efforts with producer 9th Wonder and Slug of Atmosphere.

“Murs and 9th Wonder coming next year. Felt 3 coming out this year. I got a punk rock group called The Invincibles with this gang called Whole Wheat Bread coming out this year,” he explained. “I’ve also been working on some stuff with DJ Quik and Terrence Martin. We’re doing a whole ghetto, hood, electro, dance, sex, party record. We’ve been working on that.

“I’ve also got Varsity Blues 2, man,” Murs continued. “So, I got like four records coming out. I’m going to have like 10 records in the next year, man.”

Murs released his 2008 major label debut Murs 4 President on Warner Bros. Records. As of press time, projected release dates for his upcoming projects are unknown.