Nasir and Kelis Still Got Love?

2009-06-15 - Nas and KelisDoes time apart help a damaged relationship even if the couple bad mouthed each other in the media? Maybe.

According to reports, Nas and Kelis were spotted getting “extra close” on Monday (September 14) at New York’s Marquee nightclub. This is the same couple who were going through bitter divorce proceedings just months earlier. Both are said to have arrived together at the nightclub for a private party, and were very friendly.

Does this mean a reconciliation is coming?

Nearly two months ago, Nas and Kelis welcomed a baby boy into the world, followed shortly after by a court order for Nas to pay her $44,000 a month in child/spousal support.

What do you think VIbers? Can love still live in Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ household.