Pardon The Introduction: Jeremy Scott

Designer Jeremy Scott describes himself first and foremost as a pop artist, yet his designs–featuring everything from Mickey Mouse head patterns to dresses with over-sized dial numbers strewn across the chest–are a testament to his eclectic sensibilities.

The Kansas City born couturier’s second collection for Adidas Originals continues his trippy, psychedelic vein that merges pop culture and fantasy with a little Japanese Harajuku. This time around, Scott was inspired by scenes of pseudo-tribal African people in European-imported sportswear. There are animal print hoodies, color-block puffer jackets, and of course, Adidas remixed by Scott. It’s the stuff Ali G might line his closet with.

Just in time for London’s Fashion Week, Adidas opened a Jeremy Scott pop up shop full of collaboration pieces. While it takes a certain kind of guy to pull off a Tony the Tiger track suit, the silver metallic winged kicks that Jeremy gave Kanye West for his birthday are relatively tame.

Those stateside will have to wait until the store pops up on these shores. Until then, there’s always eBay. –Adrien Field

Jeremy Scott wings.jpg