V EXCLUSIVE: The Auto-Tune Saga Continues…Starring Dirty Money

The ceiling lights were off when Diddy previewed the visual for “Angel Calling,” but the disco balls on the floor brought a techno vibe to studio B at Daddy’s House. The premise of the video: a lonely man, just him and his thoughts, walking through the hood. Shot in black and white under the direction of Hype Williams, this is Sean’s best video since “Bad Boy For Life.” It’s a cohesive narrative, stripped from all the luxe that comes with a Mr. Combs production. Sneakers are being thrown on electric wires, kids look out windows guarded by metal bars and a disheveled Combs (well, as disheveled as he can be) somberly strolls the street in a hooded jacket. Combs thought working with Hype was long overdue and says he expects the director to shoot all the visuals for Last Train to Paris.