Vitali Klitschko Makes Cris Arreola Say No Mas

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Ukrainian champ Vitali Klitschko–along with his brother Wladimir–continue to prove they’re the best in the division. Klitschko caused his latest opponent Chris Arreola’s corner to throw in the towel after the 10th round, giving the Mexican-American fighter his first loss.

With the win, at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Saturday evening (September 26), Klitschko cemented his spot at the top of the heavyweight division.

From the beginning of the fight, the 6’7″ boxer dominated from the outside–sticking jabs, straight rights and hooks to the head of Arreola. Arreola applied constant pressure, but as the rounds piled on, the punishment he received proved to be too much, as he began to slow in the ninth round.

“He was taking too much punishment,” Arreola’s trainer Henry Ramirez said. “When I told him I was going to stop the fight, he was irate.”

In the end, Arreola just couldn’t get to the inside to land any clean punches. But, Klitschko wasn’t able to drop Arreola no matter how many punches he landed.

Even with his dominate performance, Vitali tipped his hat to the fighter for his effort.

“I know I was hurting him a lot, but he has a great, great chin,” Klitschko said. “I was surprised he did not come out [for the 11th round].”

It was Klitschko’s third win since returning last year following a four-year retirement. In his time off, his brother Wladimir took the reigns and took over the heavyweight division, earning two belts. Wladimir was in Vitali’s corner to give advice, but it didn’t seem he needed any. He dominated every round.

In disappointment, Arreola weeped after receiving his first loss, and after, during a post-fight interview, told his fans he’s no quitter.

“I’m so sorry, I really wanted to be champion,” an emotional Arreola said. “I never wanted to quit.

“I couldn’t get to him. He was fighting the fight he was supposed to fight,” he later added.

Klitschko was a 5-1 favorite in the bout and proved why.

Is there any competition left for the Klitschko brothers in the heavyweight division? Yes. Themselves. But they’ve said that won’t happen.