Volkswagen’s New 158 MPG Hybrid Has Punch (No Buggy)

German car maker Volkswagen unveiled the L1 concept car, designed to go 100 kilometers on one liter of fuel, at this week’s Frankfurt Auto Show.

According to, the coupe falls short of it’s design goals. The car review site says it requires 1.49 liters of diesel to cover the 100 kilometer distance, and the equivalent of 158 mpg.

Despite the fuel efficiency, the L1 won’t complete cross-country treks without a few stops at the pump. It’s fuel tank is just 2.6 gallons, enough to travel about 416 miles.

Made with a carbon fiber-reinforced body, the bullet-shaped vehicle weighs an estimated 650 pounds, stocked with aluminum brakes, carbon-fiber wheels, titanium hubs and ceramic bearings.

The inside is just as futuristic as the exterior; instead of traditional doors, the car has a a hinged canopy that slides back for entry and exit. There are camera-powered rearview OLEDs, offering a 180-degree view behind the car, while the speedometer and other instruments are all digital.

While the L1 maxes out at a reasonable 99 mph, it takes 14.3 seconds to accelerate to 62 mph. It boasts a 0.8-liter version of its TDI engine with only two cylinders. When driving, you can select between Eco, producing 27 horsepower, or Sport pushing out 52 horsepower.

The L1 hits the production line in 2013.