Wale and Andre Iguodala go Head to Head at NBA2K10 Launch Party


Athletes and artists came together to celebrate the launch of NBA 2K10 on Thursday (September 24), marking their 10-year anniversary of the game.

Guests included NBA stars like Andre Iguodala, Brook Lopez and Nate Robinson, while soundtrack artists Duo Live and Wale hit the stage to perform.

With several stations set up around Manhattan’s Capitale, attendees were able to have a first try at the game. Meanwhile, a celebrity tournament took place on the big screen, with Iguodala defeating Lopez in the first round. Wale then showed off his skills, beating Robinson 29-25. The D.C. rapper has obviously come a long way–from purchasing his first basketball game at a pawnshop to showing up a dunk contest winner.

Later, Iguodala went on to defeat Wale in the championship. When well known DJ Bobbito asked Andre who was tougher to beat, Wale or Rajon Rondo (who he defeated at last years 2K9 launch party) he replied, “Rondo was a little bit tougher.”

This year’s cover features Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant. Ryan Hunt, brand manager of 2k sports, explained why it was only right that the defending champ be on the game’s cover this year. “We wanted to line ourselves with the best athlete out there. Kobe Bryant obviously wins championships. We had the number one rated NBA game last year, so it just made sense for us to partner up with a guy like Kobe.”

When asked what 2K wanted to do differently for their 10-year anniversary, Hunt responded, “For this year we definitely wanted to come out with attitude, a little bit of swagger, if you will. It’s a big thing for us to take over. And that was the message with this year; take over for 2K10.”

As for the soundtrack, “We have a good line-up with Kanye West, Duo Live, MGMT, and Flo Rida. The Game did an original track for us called ‘Champion.’ “

As usual the graphics are great, the soundtrack is hot and even the players acknowledge the game’s prominence. “When you get involved with 2K and what they bring to the game it’s unbelievable,” Andre Iguodala exclaimed. “They’re pretty much on point with everything — facial expressions, tattoos, the way you dress in the game.”

When asked what extra features he could do in the game that he wishes he could do in real life, Iguodala responded, “Jump that high. And unlimited stamina, so you can play at full speed the whole game.”

NBA 2K10 will be available October 6th, for PC DVD, Playstation 2 and 3, PSP system, Wii and Xbox 360.