10 Things Shyne Missed While In Prison

After serving nine years on assault and attempted murder charges, former Bad Boy rapper Shyne was set to be released from prison today [Ed Note: MTV reports that the MC is still in custody, due to his questions regarding his citizenship.] During his time in the joint for his part in a December 27, 1999 shootout inside Club New York, for which the man born Jamal Barrow and music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs faced serious prison time (Combs was later acquitted in the headline-grabbing trial), A LOT has changed. Leave it to VIBE to help the homie get re-acclimated to life outside the steel bars. Welcome home, Shyne Po! –Keith Murphy

0502_camron_b.jpgThrowback Jersey’s Are Played Out
We highly recommend you save that 1986 Lawrence Taylor jersey for the actual games.

Diddy Became A Reality-TV Star
The good news: Mr. Making His Band is no longer attempting to rap. The bad news: he’s getting his Auto-Tune on. God help us all.

Dr. Dre Still Hasn’t Released Detox
The good doctor’s last album, 2001, dropped back in ’99–back when it was all good at Bad Boy. Still no follow-up. At this rate, Max B will see daylight before Dre’s much-delayed Detox does.

The Wire Is Still Gangsta
If you want to check out the best-written show of the ’00s, just shell out $148 bucks for the DVD box set. Stringer Bell won’t let you down.

Kanye West’s Girl Went From Stripping To Elle
We’re sure the anatomically glorious Amber Rose was a popular pin-up choice for inmates at the Clinton Correctional Facility. Just an educated guess.

The Detroit Lions Still Haven’t Made The Playoffs
When you went away in 2001, the D’s NFL franchise hadn’t been in a post-season game in two seasons. Not much has changed.

Baby’s Third String MC Is Now Running Shit
Remember when Lil Wayne was behind Juvenile and B.G. in Cash Money’s depth chart? Now that bantam-weight dude with the funny voice is arguably the biggest rap star on the planet, whose co-sign is so strong, he can make a former Degrassi High child actor turned singing Canadian rapper seem cool.

Jay-Z Became The Greatest of All-Time
Hey, the stats don’t lie.

Twitter Has Exploded
We’re waiting for your first Tweet as you discover the ridiculousness of skinny jeans.

Barack Obama Was Elected U.S. President
As you may have guessed, there are quite a few folks still reeling over the reality of a black man being the leader of the free world. We see you Glenn Beck.