Are Usher & Tameka Officially Divorced?

After months of subliminal diss records, 911 calls, custody battles, and keyed up trucks, are Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster now officially divorced?

According to a court file posted Wednesday (October 22) on TMZ’s website, the once happy duo were officially over yesterday. But now an anonymous friend of Foster is claiming the couple, who got married August 2007, are still legally together in spite of published court records stating the case was “disposed.”

Both Usher and Tameka have been silent regarding their divorce proceedings. The two have reportedly been battling over custody of their two sons. Usher also recently called 911 and reported his truck being keyed up following an argument he had with his estranged wife.

Officials have found no evidence to support Usher’s claim that Tameka had scratched the vehicle. -Linda Hobbs