Auction Bidder Sues Michael Jackson’s Estate

A $5 million lawsuit was filed against Michael Jackson’s estate and Julien’s Auction House, after a Jackson auction bidder claims he never got his winnings.

Richard Lapointe says he was the highest bidder on various items from a Michael Jackson auction headed by Julien’s Auction House. Due to disagreements, the auction, which was supposed to have occurred in April, was cancelled. Lapointe is now saying he wants compensation for the 82 items he bidded on. He also says the $5 millie is for the supposed “true market value of the items.”

Julien’s Auction house responded to the suit by saying, “He called us the day the auction was canceled and told us he has been emotionally damaged, and he asked what we would do to compensate for it. If he is that emotionally damaged, he can bet on the items when they come back up for auction on November 21st. Also, he accepted the terms on the bidder form which said the auction could be canceled at any time.”

Some of Lapointe’s bids included two Michael Jackson mannequins and a silkscreen print of Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. –Linda Hobbs