Author Teri Woods Claims Racism at NYC Club

Acclaimed street lit author Terri Woods, is taking a New York nightclub to court for $1 billion after experiencing alleged racism the night of a book celebration.

Woods showed up at the SoHo nightclub Greenhouse to celebrate her latest bestselling book Alibi, with an entourage of 175 guests. But when the guest arrived, Woods says they all were denied access due to alleged racism.

According to Woods, “They left all of my friends and family standing outside,” she told the press. “I had really serious people out there: Lawyers, doctors and people in the entertainment industry… I was embarrassed.”

Woods goes on to claim that Greenhouse owner Barry Mullineaux was overheard saying he wasn’t going to allow “300-pound girls” into the venue.

Mullineaux denies this, and without going into detail he called Woods angry allegations “pretty much bogus.”

According to Woods attorney John Nonnemacher, the $1 billion is for everyone affected by the alleged injustice.

“We’re not talking about four people, we’re talking over 100 people,” he said. “Our contention is Greenhouse didn’t let people in because of the color of their skin. Because they were black.” –Linda Hobbs