Eminem & Apple Get in Tune with Lawsuit Settlement

Despite going to trial after they were unable to reach a settlement, Apple and Eminem’s music publisher reached an agreement following a five-day trial over the rights to the rapper’s digital music sales.

Eight Mile Style filed a suit against Apple in 2007 claiming they were illegally offering the sale of 93 of Em’s songs that were not authorized to sell. The impetus for the suit was the inclusion of Eminem’s smash hit, “Lose Yourself,” in a commercial promoting Apple’s iTunes service.

Apple, however, said they had a valid agreement with Aftermath Records, which controls the Em tracks in questions, thus granting them the right to sell the track via their iTunes service.

Initially unable to reach a deal out of court, both parties headed to trial to hash things out. On Thursday (October 1), a deal was reached. Details were not disclosed.

Eight Mile originally sought over $14 million in damages and $2.5 million in earnings Apple earned from the sell of the tracks in question.