Ex-NBA Star Antoine Walker Owes More Than $4.5 Million, Could Face Jail Time

Despite earning a reported $110 million over the course of his 13-year NBA career, former player Antoine Walker, 33, is apparently broke.

According to the Boston Globe, the sixth overall draft pick of 1996 is due in a Las Vegas courtroom this week to answer to charges of fraud for writing bad checks to different casinos, totaling $1 million.

Walker was arrested back in July in Lake Tahoe for his gambling debts. However, the paper detailed more of his financial woes, and it looks like he’s in worse shape than first thought.

The Globe reports that Walker also owes J.P. Morgan Chase Bank $1.5 million, Wachovia Bank $1.5 million, American Express $53,000, and his former agent $450,000; totaling over $4.5 million all together. That’s not chump change.

Walker has yet to publicly speak on the situation, but his mother, Diane Walker, spoke out in defense of her son.

“Antoine doesn’t owe anybody any explanation,” she told the paper. “He’s not out here hurting anybody. He’s trying to live his life peacefully. That’s all he’s doing … My son is young. Why can’t he just enjoy life, go where he wants to go? Antoine is doing great. I have my home. He has his home. If he’s doing so bad, then how could we still be here?”

Walker is facing three felony counts of drawing and passing checks without sufficient funds with intent to defraud. If his debts aren’t settled, he could face up to four years in prison.

Walker was released from the Memphis Grizzlies last season. He is currently a free agent, with no team currently showing any interest, but is reportedly considering going overseas to play basketball.