Game Recognizes Game: 1st and Long

For better or worse, LeBron James has now interjected his voice into the brewing debate that’s become the Terrelle Pryor saga at Ohio State.

Pryor has come under heavy fire over the last two weeks due to the Buckeyes flailing ways and his seemingly flappable nature. Just how much less of a stressful place a 20-year-old collegiate quarterback can arrive at by virtue of conversing with arguably the world’s most famous athlete and essentially being told by him you need to pick up your game is an argument we’ll leave for another day. But I think most will agree the King’s heart seems on point here.

One would think the same could be said of OSU coach Jim Tressel and staff. Understand, that’s not to say Tressel doesn’t want, need and hope to see Prior flourish, or even that he’s guilty of committing BCS suicide by not fully internalizing the reality that as Terrell goes so will his Buckeyes. It’s just that actions carry a lot more weight than even emotions.

We’re talking the bigger picture and greater culture here, the one that remains slow in embracing the concept of a black quarterback and is even quicker to deem the early struggles of one as an unabashed and utter failure.   

It’s why Terrelle Pryor now somewhat sits in limbo up in Columbus, why Vince Young sits on the bench in Tennessee and why more and more clamor each day that JaMarcus Russell should be down in Oakland.

Free your minds and their games will follow. –Glenn Minnis