Game Recognizes Game: Meet President Terrell Owens

Where you as shocked as I was to see Terrell Owens morph into President Barack Obama right before your very eyes?

The climate was certainly ripe for such a metamorphosis this week when an incorrigible band of media members peppered the Buffalo Bills star wideout with the same sort of loaded, repetitive questions our commander-and-chief now faces on the regular.

The missives come disguised as questions for which there are no real answers, at least not any that wouldn’t lead to even greater persecution of the subject. But, then, that is the point, isn’t it?

Try as he might to defuse it all, T.O. was simply at a loss when he took the podium Sunday following the Bills 27-7 home loss to New Orleans, his first NFL game without a single catch since his rookie season some 13-seasons ago. “T.O. this has to be frustrating for you; T.O. this has to be insulting for you; T.O.”–you get the crux and aim of the interrogation.

Granted, not many athletes have been greater manipulators of the media or individual serve-servers than Owens over the last decade, but isn’t there some limits as to just how much that should have to do with any true in-the-moment interview?

Besides, the job of any journalist is always to simply report the news, never create it. Somehow, all that got lost with T.O. on Sunday, just as it seems to with our new president each and every day.

Now, ask yourself what’s the undeniable variable in both those sequences? –Glenn Minnis