Jay-Z Wants a Mash-Up LP With Brit Rock Band Oasis

One year after an epic diss at the Glastonbury Festival, Jay-Z says he now wants Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher to give him a call.

Apparently, Jay doesn’t hold grudges (e.g. Nas). And while in an exhibitionist mood, the rapper reportedly has expressed his interest in collaborating with the British rock band, as he did on his Collision Course project with Linkin Park.

“Their music is tight and I think we could blend our styles well,” Jay recently told the UK paper The Sun. “When I teamed up with Linkin Park nobody expected that to work but we made a massive success of it. The same could happen with Liam.”

The catch is this: The guy from Oasis who originally dissed Jay (Liam’s brother Noel) has quit the band.

When word hit of Jay’s billing at the 2008 Glastonbury Festival, Noel was reported in the press as saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you start to break it then people aren’t going to go. I’m sorry, but Jay-Z? No chance… I’m not having hip-hop at Glastonbury.”

Jay’s olive branch to Liam may have something to do with Snoop Dogg.

“I hear Snoop Dogg might be teaming up with Noel,” Jay said. “If that’s the case then I would love to work with Liam… When you have two artists like us in a room just throwing about ideas you come up with something brilliant fairly easily. I don’t know what he is up to now but he can give me a call.” –Linda Hobbs