Jim Jones Pleads Guilty to Misdemeanor Assault in Scuffle With Ne-Yo’s Entourage

Rapper Jim Jones has pled guilty to punching a friend of singer Ne-Yo in the face during at fight at the Fifth Avenue Louis Vuitton store in Manhattan in December.

The Harlem rapper pled guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge for punching Jayvon Smith during a December 22 scuffle while he and Ne-Yo were browsing for clothes.

For the guilty plea, Jones was sentenced to time served–which was the few hours he was in custody after turning himself in to police in January.

“He didn’t want to risk probation,” Leemon said of Jones’ decision to fess up rather than to go to trial. Probation could have hindered the rapper’s touring schedule, he said.

Jones originally pled not guilty to the charges, even after being caught by surveillance cameras pummeling Smith in the store in front of Ne-Yo. Smith is younger brother of Jay-Z’s road manager Ty Ty.

“I’m just working with some music and trying to stay clear of trouble,” Jones said.

A $7 million lawsuit filed by Smith is still pending.