Justin Timberlake Gets Restraining Order For Fan

Justin Timberlake has been granted a restraining order against a fan that somehow got past his home’s security and showed up at his door.

On Thursday (October 22), Timberlake’s security team apprehended a woman who showed up at the singer’s Los Angeles home claiming to know him. According to JT, this wasn’t the first time the stalker has bypassed his gates.

The woman in custody, Karen McNeil, was arrested several times in the past for showing up at the singer’s home. Prior to JT, she was banned from rocker Axl Rose’ house for the same reason. After being arrested, she reportedly continued to send Rose letters. In legal documents, McNeil was described as being a “heavyset white female, approximately 50 years of age.” In the same documents, Timberlake’s legal teams describes McNeil as an, “obsessed mentally unstable celebrity stalker, who [Timberlake] does not personally know.”

After being apprehended, McNeil was taken to receive a psychiatric evaluation, where she has been recently released. –Linda Hobbs