Lil Jon Launches Soundboard iPhone App… Yeeaah!

Artists are getting more tech-savvy these days. You have T-Pain, who recently launched his “I Am T-Pain” iPhone app, and now Lil Jon is following suit.

The King of Crunk recently dropped an iPhone app called “Lil Jon: The Official Soundboard,” putting 17 of Jon’s most memorable soundbites at users’ fingertips.

Some of them included signature phrases like “What,” “Okay” and “Yeah!,” as well as bites from tracks such as “Snap Ya Fingers,” featuring clips such as “Do It All By Yourself” and “Hey.”

Lil Jon’s app is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

Here’s a list of the 17 bites:

1. Bend Over
2. Bia Bia
3. Do It All By Yourself
4. Get Low
5. Hey
6. I Dont Give A What
7. Ladies To The Dance Floor
8. Lets Do It
9. Lets Get It Crunk
10. Okay
11. Patron Tequila
12. Put Cha Hands Up
13. Shots
14. Snap Ya Fingas
15. Throw It Up
16. What
17. Yeah